Washable Wallpapers - Custom-made

Washable wallpaper is a perfect and modern solution for lovers of beautiful walls and people who are not indifferent to the natural environment. Currently, you can adjust the color and size of the wallpaper to suit your needs. They look great in any interior, including the bedroom, living room, child's room and teenager's room, office and hallway.Washable wallpapers are durable materials made of natural fibres that make them resistant to moisture and dirt. Patterns available on Pixers.uk can be adjusted to your needs by choosing not only the size of the wallpaper but also the pattern and its scale. It is up to the user whether the pattern will be smaller or larger. The biggest advantage of washable wallpapers is their durability. In the event of unexpected soiling, e.g. by children, when cooking or opening a wine bottle, simply wipe the surface with a cloth. No other wallpaper guarantees this quality. Washable wallpaper, thanks to the resistant laminate, will be perfect even in the kitchen. You can choose from dozens of original designs, and just as importantly, washable wallpaper is applied like traditional ones. ... more

Did you know…

Laminate protects the pattern on your wallpaper from losing its high quality. It’s worth investing in additional protection if you'd like your decoration to last as long as possible. Thanks to the extra laminate made of natural fiber covering your wallpaper, your home will be both beautiful and organic!