Modern Wallpapers

Modern times require an up-to-date solution. We live today, so make sure that the look of your home can keep up with you. Modern wallpapers are having a moment in the design world. They walk a thin line of chic sophistication and star-like glamour. These high-fashion contemporary wallpapers put a fresh spin on interior inspiration, often bringing simple patterns to life with a neat look. Choose one, two or even more modern wallpaper designs from the Pixers collection below. All of them, together or alone, will be just enough to bring your home into the current century. Introduce a super modern interior accent wall to any room of the house. With contemporary wallpaper, there are so many styles you can choose from to find something that suits your personal aesthetic. Whether it’s a bold geometric pattern for a mid-century modern living room look, an abstract art design for a playful kitchen or marble-tropical texture effect wallpaper for a stylish bedroom, we have a vast range of unique ideas to explore. ... more