Art Deco Wallpapers

Art deco wallpapers can be found in elegant, luxurious rooms, referring to the style of the bygone eras. Geometric patterns in black, brown, gray or golden colors are their trademarks. Thanks to their versatility, art deco wallpapers fit any room. Art déco is a style in interior design, which is characterized by a modern representation of bygone eras. It uses geometric patterns and expressive color combinations: black and white, black and gold, white and brown. Art deco wallpapers can be recognized precisely by geometric patterns, in which colors such as white, black, gold, brown or gray dominate. They are best combined with light walls, but they also look great in combination with dark colors. You can additionally personalize each art deco graphic by selecting its size, color effect and pattern density. ... more

Did you know…

The Grand Bal is about to begin. Art Deco, originally called Arts Décoratifs, was a style born in France. It became ubiquitous during the 1920s and 1930s. If you can't get enough of The Great Gatsby aesthetic, then Art Deco wallpapers are for you. But what is the Art Déco style? Geometric patterns, rich metallic looks and bold colours. Art Deco is all about glamour, elegance, luxury and excitement. Sometimes it's said that Art Deco style is "modernism turned into fashion." If you're all about glamour and making a statement, Art Deco wallpapers from Pixers are waiting for you. Pixers Art Deco wallpaper designs are beloved, with a beautiful selection of arabic patterns and dashes of gold. Although the gold is just a print and has no sparkling effect, the results are just as stunning once mounted on the wall. Invite a sense of decadence to your interior with an art deco wallpaper, and create a classic, eclectic style inspired by The Great Gatsby and the roaring 1920s in your space. You can achieve an elegant new style which will shine in your bedroom, dining room or bathroom. Just pick one of the classic black and gold art deco wallpaper ideas from Pixers. Or go for a more modern and fresh look with our art nouveau-inspired geometric patterns in a range of soft, trending tones. Whatever your taste, these beautiful art deco wallpapers are timeless.