Bathroom Stickers

Often when we think about personalization of our homes, we tend to imagine living rooms or bedrooms, fully customized to reflect us. Fortunately, we can take our ideas further, to a place we haven’t thought about before. Change your bathroom today with something simple & fun – a sticker. Whenever you know exactly what you’re after or you just know you have to make a change in your space, Pixers is right here to help you. With over 1000 of bathroom stickers, you will surely find what suites you. Nature, abstract art, various graphics or a set of different life matras – you name it, we got it. Now it’s the easy part. Scroll a little bit, go through our newest, recommended or most popular products. Find the perfect sticker. There’s only few clicks left. Enter your preferred dimensions, add some cool effects, maybe play a little with the colors. Take a second to think if you want to have a few extra stickers just in case for yourself or add a few as a cool gift & get the package going. It’s really that simple. Now go into your bathroom. Put the sticker on your wall, mirror or whenever you feel like it. And there you go. Your old-but-new bathroom suddenly has a more life to it. That’s a Pixers guarantee. ... more