Unicorns Wallpapers

Almost every girl goes through a phase of fascination with fairies and magical animals. White horses with one horn and a rainbow-colored mane are their special object of interest. Therefore, it seems a great idea to decorate a room with unicorn wallpaper. Unicorn wallpapers are characterized by pastel colors, but a girl who loves blue, mint or orange will also find the perfect pattern. In the available graphics, unicorns appear in a fairy-tale or a bit more comic version. You can also choose a wallpaper that only shows the contours of this magical animal and is kept in muted colors. Wallpaper with unicorns should be combined with paint in a pastel shade. You can personalize each graphic. Thanks to this, you can easily adjust it to a previously established concept. All you have to do is choose the size, density of the pattern, color variant, and the material on which the graphic is to be applied when placing an order. ... more

Did you know…

A unicorn sighting is unique, just like your kids! Unicorns are a symbol of goodness & purity & unlimited freedom. Almost every time you see a unicorn, it is standing or flying close to a rainbow. Let this colourful creature bring a touch of fun into their space with Pixers unicorn wallpaper. Finding the perfect children’s wallpaper can often be a tricky task (as kids may be young, but are very, very demanding with a crystal-clear vision of what they like and dislike), but Pixers guarantees that they will fall in love with what you can find in our section of unicorn wallpaper ideas. You can explore a vast array of unicorn print wallpapers to transform their bedrooms like magic. Forget the magic wand. Choose from white wallpapers with colourful printed unicorns, rainbows, stars and sparkles or go big and bold with pink, pinky or purple unicorn print wallpaper designs. Want something different? No worries, you can always pick a little more subtle wallpaper, for example, one with a fairytale-inspired scene featuring soft pastel shades. Stunning unicorn wallpaper will capture children's imagination. Help them develop it along with their creativity and you will never regret picking this wallpaper, particularly as unicorns are wise and it may rub off.