Fantasy Wallpapers

Fantasy wallpapers are a way to enter a magical land full of amazing creatures and characters. Such personalization works particularly well in a children's or teenager's room. It gives the room a unique and extraordinary character. Fantasy wallpaper allows you to arrange a magical, creative and friendly space, tailored to the interests and character of a child or teenager. The choice of graphics is huge and everyone will find the perfect pattern for themselves. Fantasy wallpaper can be placed above the desk, by the bed or in a place intended for fun. It will definitely stimulate the imagination and inspire to great ideas. ... more

Did you know…

Fantasy wallpapers are available in two versions - in a roll or made to measure. In the first case you get 10 meters of pattern on 50 centimeters wide fleece. Thus, the wallpaper can be cut freely and glued in various combinations. The made-to-measure fantasy wallpapers (vinyl, self-adhesive or washable) are measured individually. Are you ready for the unknown? Tones of epic adventures await us, thanks to the Pixers Fantasy Wallpaper collection. Let the quest through different worlds, galaxies and dimensions begin! Some say that reality always beats fantasy. This logic has one obvious flaw for us - it cannot predict what's coming up next. Every new generation wants to change the world, as well as the world of fantasy. The next generation of storytellers, writers, animators or directors now might be just little kids, begging their parents to get them a new set of wallpaper from Pixers. And we're here for all of that and more! Find for your family the best set of ghosts, spirits, monsters, warriors or heroes. The forces of evil are always ready to shake things up. Get ready to respond. A large amount of visual styles, like pixels, doodle patterns, hand-written art and cute cartoons is a guarantee that there's a perfect kid's fantasy wallpaper in here for both boys and girls -- no matter their age or the particular stuff they adore. Countless hours of new, exciting playtime is upon your household. Are you ready to rise to the occasion?