Stickers - Pixerstick

The renovation of the rooms and the new interior do not have to involve major renovation and hiring an interior designer. You can change the appearance of walls, doors, windows and furniture yourself. Pixerstick stickers make it possible. Thanks to them, the living room, kitchen or children's room will become unique. Pixerstick sticker is a solution for people who want to change the appearance of rooms without much effort and money. These stickers allow you to decorate walls, windows, doors, furniture and any other flat surfaces. Thanks to this, a seemingly ordinary thing takes on a new and unique character. Pixerstick stickers give you unlimited personalization options. You just need some imagination. ... more

Did you know…

The Pixerstick sticker is available in many designs and colours. You can choose a floral, ethnic, geometric, abstract or tropical theme, and combine several of them to create your own unique style. The great advantage of the Pixerstick sticker is its durability and resistance to moisture and dirt. It is, therefore, suitable for every room. It’s also important that its appearance can be further personalized - you can change the size, color, and even create a mirror image of the pattern.