Aluminium Prints (Dibond)

Pictures on aluminum (dibond) are distinguished by high durability to solar radiation. Due to the high quality, they will meet the requirements of even the greatest aesthetes. They look great in any interior. On you can find dozens of designs complementing every style, from modern to vintage. Aluminum prints are high quality products. Due to their resistance to light radiation, you can hang them even in very sunny interiors. They do not lose their intense colors. It is worth noting that the shade of the plate itself is in the tone of silver or gold, which is why such images are often hung in elegant interiors, for example, offices or law firms. The material is also resistant to moisture, so images on aluminum can be hung in bathrooms and kitchens. Mounting aluminum prints is relatively simple and does not differ from the way of hanging other materials. Most often it is recommended to use a special set of suspensions. These types of paintings can be placed on the wall without any problems using adhesive plasters. This solution will be much faster and simpler. When choosing the installation, it is worth considering the humidity level of the room. ... more

Did you know…

Paintings on aluminum are one of the most durable and weather-resistant because the dibonds are made of two layers of aluminum. They sandwich a core that is made of polyethylene. This type of production makes these prints not only durable but also relatively light.