Vinyl wallpapers

Vinyl wallpapers are currently one of the most frequently chosen types of wallpapers. They are characterized not only by effective appearance, but also by high resistance to bothersome factors such as humidity or temperature. There are therefore virtually no space restrictions in their use. ... more

Did you know…

In recent years, wallpapers are going through a real renaissance. In particular, vinyl wallpapers are commonly referred to as the modern version of paper wallpapers, which have been covered with so-called vinyl, i.e. PVC foil. In addition to the basic version, vinyl non-woven wallpapers are also available on the market. It is a kind of rigid nonwoven made of synthetic materials. The use of this carrier material gave the wallpaper greater durability to mechanical damage, water resistance, ease of cleaning, ability to mask uneven walls and soundproofing. In addition, vinyl wallpaper does not fade when exposed to sunlight. Due to the mentioned advantages, it can be easily used in the bathroom or kitchen. It will successfully meet the expectations of people for whom interesting design and practical solutions are important. This is an excellent idea for supporters of functional arrangement.