Wardrobe Stickers

Armoires are some of the largest furniture pieces in your home or apartment, making them a good object to personalize.The ideal way to change their look is by applying warderobe stickers. Today, you can buy stickers of any size, and also of custom sizes, and therefore, you’re free to do whatever you want – be it applying one big sticker or a number of smaller ones. It’s a great opportunity for enhancing your armoire with some irresistible charm! ... more

Did you know…

Stickers can be very practical if you want to design your house in the Scandinavian style. As everyone knows, most furniture that we find today in popular stores is made of smooth, white materials which are just begging to be enhanced. When going with minimalism in the whole room, it is worth highlighting something to create a focal point. Maybe a sticker on the armoire will be the solution you are looking for?