Wardrobe Stickers

Wardrobe stickers are a solution that allows you to easily renew a piece of furniture, give it a second life, and simply personalize the wardrobe door as expected by its owner. It is possible to change the appearance of the furniture with wardrobe sticker in just a few moments. Wardrobe stickers are great as a way to personalize a children's room, as well as a teenager's bedroom. You do not have to look for a specialist in furniture renovation, wait for the paint to dry, worry about how the original material reacts to the solutions used. Thanks to a sticker for a sliding or niche wardrobe, the original character of the furniture can be changed completely. Wardrobe stickers give great possibilities - you can choose from graphics with plants, architecture, art, sport and holiday landscapes. There are also patterns with interesting and motivating slogans. Each graphic can be resized. The layout can be changed from vertical to horizontal (or vice versa) as well as the color from the original to black and white or sepia. Stickers for wardrobes are made of a material that guarantees resistance to moisture and dirt. The furniture can be refreshed by using the damp cloth. ... more

Did you know…

Stickers can be very practical if you want to design your house in the Scandinavian style. As everyone knows, most furniture that we find today in popular stores is made of smooth, white materials which are just begging to be enhanced. When going with minimalism in the whole room, it is worth highlighting something to create a focal point. Maybe a sticker on the armoire will be the solution you are looking for?