Manhattan Wall Murals - Vinyl

There are places and cities in this world that all people know. They have never been there but without a problem, they will describe them and will tell their story. Manhattan is one of such places. It is the smallest but the most crowded borough of the New York City and at the same time the most famous. It is more famous than some of the capitals of the other countries. What is the reason? Why is this place so recognisable? The popular culture has a lot to do with it. But never mind why! If you look for amazing looking pattern for your interiors, you are in the right place! ... more


Technically Manhattan is an island which is connected to the mainland by numerous bridges and tunnels. Most of them were used in movies or video clips, and that is the reason why they are famous. Have you ever heard about the Brooklyn Bridge? We are sure that you have! It is one of the oldest hanging bridges in the world. The construction of that bridge cost 15 million dollars and lasted nearly 13 years. It was used in many film scenes. That is why it is a popular destination for couples that decided to travel and engage there!